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My First Blog

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Ive never written a bog post before so not really sure where to start, at the beginning?!

A bit about me, not that its very interesting. I'm Gill, just in case you missed it, I'm in my 50's (yikes !!), married with a 15 year old and live in the countryside on a chicken farm with my husband of 24 years.

My love of sewing and all things crafty started with my O Level at school. I can still remember Miss Jones telling me off for not adhering to the basics of pattern cutting and the dreaded "notches". I carried on to A level (as they were in my days) and then at the age of 21 I became the proud owner of my first sewing machine, which I do still have together with my beloved fabric scissors, we all know how possessive we are over our fabric scissors.

Many years later, having not sewn for years, I decided to take it up again having been inspired by the first series of the Great British Sewing Bee, and what a show that is. From eccentric to flamoyant to ditsy to the amazing contestants.

My guilty pleasure is sewing handbags, and we cant have too many bags can we ?? I'm also starting to get into quilting and patchwork, a hobby I thought was for the older generation but I am finding it quite therapeutic, although cutting out hundreds of squares of hexagons can be quite draining.

I'm also a blogger for the Craft Cotton Co, a company who produces some fabulous fabrics. You can find their website and blog page here

These are some of my tutorials that you will find on the site if you wish to give them a go yourself.

So you at least you have an insight into me, what I love to do and have shared pictures of some tutorials you might like to have a go at yourself.

Watch out for more posts, tutorials and news.

Happy Sewi



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